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18-11-2018 1949 19 8 18 7
17-11-2018 1495 25 10 17 9
16-11-2018 1280 39 14 21 13
15-11-2018 1490 26 17 19 11
14-11-2018 1644 41 14 20 9
13-11-2018 1249 51 20 28 15
12-11-2018 808 69 35 42 27


Global Warming Scam Collapsing: The Reality Is CoolingIncreases Snowfall

Miniistid - 12:30

BOSTON (CBS) Despite the snow blitz of 2015, many baby boomers still insist that, overall, we dont g

Real Reason Winter Avery Formed So Early Our Sun is Changing.

Miniistid - 18.11.2018 23:25

The real reason for Winter Storm Avery in Autumn breaking thousands of snow and cold records is that

Warning: Extreme -45°C Winter Weather Is Coming To These Canadian Provinces.

Miniistid - 18.11.2018 19:57

TL;DR Farmers' Almanac has predicted that this year Canada is going to see winter temperatures

Nu smäller köldsmockan till kan bli ny supervinter.

Miniistid - 17.11.2018 11:53

Årets vinter spås bli kallare än vanligt och redan framåt veckan väntas det

NASA Scientists: Lack Of Sunspots To Bring Record Cold.

Miniistid - 17.11.2018 08:17

We see a cooling trend, says Martin Mlynczak of NASAs Langley Research Center. High above Earths sur

50,000 Freezing Parka-Clad Canadians Protest Global Warming.

Miniistid - 16.11.2018 21:52

While the CBC noted that protesters had braved the cold Saturday to call for better environmental po

A mini ice age could be on the way and its going to get very, very cold.

Miniistid - 16.11.2018 19:54

Thats the warning from a Nasa scientist who fears sunspot activity on the surface of our star has dr

Coldest Air of the Season Plunging into the Plains, Midwest, South and Northeast and Will Linger Well into Next Week.

Miniistid - 15.11.2018 08:22

A shivering weather pattern has spread the coldest temperatures so far this fall across the Plains,

(Moldy Crops & Delayed Harvests) Your Food Source is Quickly Diminishing

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 18:13

Late January winter temperatures grip parts of grain growing areas in Canada and USA along with dela

Europe As Solar Activity Remains Quietest in 200 Years.

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 16:06

The weather models are all now pointing to wintry weather pushing into Europe next week, after a yea

Something's Happening to the Sun Right Now, Here's What It Means for Earth.

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 15:16

Dr. Tony Philipps of says there have been practically no sunspots

Antarctic temperatures recently plunged close to the theoretically coldest achievable on Earth!

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 12:17

Ultralow Surface Temperatures in East Antarctica From Satellite Thermal Infrared Mapping: The Coldes

Skisesongen starter lørdag. Hvordan er det mulig med Global oppvarming? Eller er klimaløgnene i ferd med å bli avslørt?

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 09:23

Lørdag 17. november er den foreløpige uoffisielle åpningsdagen, mens den offisielle s

Solar Researchers Try to Warn About Global Food Shortages

Miniistid - 14.11.2018 00:11

Professor Valentina Zharkova presented at the Global Warming Policy Forum, and this is what happens

Jordskjelv 25 mil fra Tromsø: Veldig sjeldent med så kraftige jordskjelv.

Miniistid - 13.11.2018 20:32

De første rapportene meldte om en styrke på 4,5, og en lokasjon 250 kilometer nordvest for

Som voksen skammer jeg meg når jeg ser hvordan de hjernevasker ungsommen med klimaløgnene.

Miniistid - 13.11.2018 11:53

Etter å ha møtt 10000 elever på ungdoms- og videregående skoler rundt om i lande